Heeey! I'm a KPOP fan, obsessed with Teen Top, but I like a bunch of other groups as well! Currently, I'm really into rookie groups such as Bangtan Boys (BTS), LC9, and the not-yet-debuted Seventeen. I've got an asianfanfiction account, so find me if you can >:) Anyway, ask me whatever you'd like! As long as it's....youknow. Appropriate. Ciao!

how we all feel about block b tbh.

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suffocating awkwardness

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We stopped at Dillon Beach on the way to Mendocino. At this dog beach, Chubby dug to his heart’s content and then flopped over to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He made his bed… then he had to lay in it!

I kinda thought he was digging his grave….but he looks a bit too happy in the second pic for that….

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the only math i can do is your love + my love = supa luv

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someone give Kim Soo Hyun a handshake

how to keep calm when you get rejected.

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Everyone who reblogs this will get a one sentence story in their inboxes based on their last two posts.


I don’t care if this gets to 100,000,000 notes


I assure you, these stories will be of the best quality.

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MC: I heard Lee Jongsuk bites a lot, right?

Yuri: He did it when we first met. […] Upon first meeting you would be taken aback by something like that but it was just him showing affection. I wondered what planet he came from after he bit me.

f a v e

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a few days ago, i found out that the person who created some of the best changniel fanart ever seen has a tumblr linking to their twitter and weibo acc. i’ve been wanting to talk to this person forever and now i can reblog their art directly from the source i’m gonna cry….

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I somehow have doubles of albums and they’re hogging up precious shelf space I could be using for MORE ALBUMS, so I’m doing a giveaway for my duplicates. All of these albums have been opened but have done nothing other than sit on a shelf.

Here’s what I’m giving away:

- SHINee’s Sherlock album (Onew Version) comes with the group photocard

- VIXX’s VOODOO album with Hyuk version CD

- BTS’s 2 COOL 4 SKOOL album with group postcard


1. You don’t have to follow me, but if you want to I’m really rad. Also, please have your inbox open so that I may contact you if you win! You have 24 hours to respond before I pick a new winner.

2. Reblog as much as you like (but please don’t spam your poor followers) and likes count as 1 entry.

3. No giveaway blogs!

4. Giveaway ends March 31st! 

5. Open worldwide :D I will ship them anywhere. Winner will be chosen at random.


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Reblog if you are an ARMY!



and tag your bias…for science…

guys this is for science


So someone brought this to my attention.

Fanfic writers, please be aware this is happening. It’s probably in your best interest to make it known to your readers if you don’t want your stuff sent to these people.  I know I personally wouldn’t, because they have a track record for awfulness and I don’t see them breaking the cycle any time soon.  If you do find your stuff is being sent to them, I’d suggest you figure out a way to lock it up so they can’t access it.

Fanfic readers, do not under any circumstances send your favourite fics to these people without the writer’s express permission for you to do so.  You don’t know what they are going to say about your favourite fic or the person who wrote it, and I’m worried this might end with a lot of people deleting their fics because of Eat Your Kimchi being terrible human beings.

Just a heads up.

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